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We design, develop, and deploy robots to unlock efficiencies by replacing mundane, manual tasks traditionally done by employees. Our front-end and back-end automation are often combined to provide a complete end-to-end automation solution.

Who uses bots?

Companies from all industries are turning to bots to optimise resources and maximize efficiency by putting a digital workforce to work alongside their human employees. Bots can easily manage processes spanning departments, locations, and systems freeing your employees to take on more strategic and rewarding work.

RPA Is...

Computer coded

Programmes that replace humans performing repetitive rules based tasks

Cross-functional and cross-application macros

RPA Isn't...

Walking, talking autobots

Physically existing machines processing paper

Artificial intelligence or voice recognition and reply software

When can bots be used?

Bots imitate human activities and handle repetitive and mundane tasks. Processes which can be automated include:

Rule based tasks

Processes which are clearly defined, and rule based.

Time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks

Labour-intensive, repetitive tasks team members are spending more than an hr on.

Readable data

Bots are non-invasive and will run on almost all applications, databases, and even handwritten texts, if the data being processed is recognizable and digitized.

Structurally organised data

Data which is structured with clearly defined categories or types of data is able to be automated. For instance, data a bot finds in a given fields can call on an action in the system.

Generally unstructured data (e.g. audio or video files) cannot be automated but our integrated platforms are capable of executing automation on unstructured data where there are standardized documents with variable layouts (e.g. invoices).

Benefits of bots

The outcomes of automation are so meaningful in some cases it can revolutionize a whole organisation.

RPA solutions do not make errors or get tired. Everything just works!

Improved Employee Morale
RPA solutions allow for your employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

Return On Investment
An average return on investments for companies that decided on bots is 300%.

Low Technical Barrier
RPA solutions are easy and fast to implement.

RPA solutions can execute 10x faster than any human could.

Customer Experience
Zero errors lead to improved service and customer satisfaction.

RPA solutions have built in security features to guarantee perfect IT compliance.

RPA solutions are always on – you never have to worry about a sick day.

Business Agility
RPA adds flexibility by freeing up employees and creating capacity.

Noninvasive Solutions
RPA solutions easily integrate with all 3rd party and in house applications.

RPA solutions follow rules 100% of the time.

Elimination of downtime risks
RPA allows companies to work with no downtime.

Value of time gains calculator

Our philosophy is to remove all barriers for customers wanting to start their bot journey. Use our VTG calculator to complete a direct comparison of labour costs versus RPA to perform a task to determine the savings implementing a bot could have.

Replace the sample data with your data and the calculator will do the rest!

  • *cost per robot may decrease as number of robots increase, book a consultation to discuss your specific needs.
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  • Click the button to add in another task

VTG is but one component of the value proposition offered by using RPA. In addition to the quantifiable direct cost savings, RPA offers a significant number of benefits.

For our new clients we offer a proof of concept build out. This means we create a no risk pilot RPA where we build a bot for an existing internal process at no cost*.

*Licensing costs will be incurred once bot is approved and deployed