What we offer.

Robotic process automation.

We develop, test and implement bots to liberate your employees from repetitive tasks. Still deciding? Try it risk free! As a proof of concept, we’ll build and deploy a production bot, automating an existing internal process, at no cost to you. Contact us!

Solutions architecture.

We build elegant software to solve business-unique and industry-specific problems, without the time consuming and complicated customisation associated with off the shelf software products. We are systems thinkers who understand an organisation is derived from the sum of its parts. Our methodical approach to solution delivery and our ability to identify and mitigate risks at an early stage has assisted many of our clients in shifting towards an enhanced digital future.

Custom software development.

Our modern solutions empower business and our application development team is able to deliver technology-agnostic cloud solutions through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or even traditional models. Our agile development methodology enables us to build applications with a great deal of flexibility, without compromising the quality of our delivery. So whether you need Full Stack development, re−coding of legacy solutions, cloud conversions or integration of existing tools via our Apollo Orchestration Centre, to name a few, we are here to help you.


Business intelligence and real time analytics.

Our comprehensive business intelligence consulting, implementation, and support empowers our customers with real time analytics providing valuable insights to enable proactive business management.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning.

Through our AI and ML offering, we assist organisations to interpret events, automate decisions and mandate actions based on newly discovered insights. We work with our clients to prioritise critical business scenarios, improve decision-making and enhance customer experience.


Our IoT offering allows us to connect every day physical items within our customers’ businesses to create a digital universe which provides live information. Through IoT, data is analysed in real-time, improving overall efficiency. Information can also be imbedded into other process flows to tie different elements and sectors of the business together.